New Patch Question

I am curious on how do we see the available patches, in the new release?? Before, it showed a patch status, but not now. If I click into the individual endpoint, I can see them there, but not all need patches, so I guess I am missing something. I do not really see the benefit, if we can not see available patches without logging into the endpoint. I also do not see the way to update 3rd party applications with the new system.

Hello @BOSS ,

Thank you for the feedback!

When you access the ITSM dashboard and go to Applications > Patch Management, you should be able to see the full list of available patches (installed or not) on the devices. From here you can select to Install, Hide or Unhide them. There is no need to log into the endpoint to see the whole list. Additionally, you can create Procedures from Configuration Templates > Procedures > Patch Deployment and you can see there 3 Templates.

Regarding patching up 3rd party applications, we have sent you an email and escalated the request. We will get back to you on there with an update.

Can you clarify what the client sees under this patch management? Will they get forced reboot (e.g. 1 minute warning) or one similar to what Windows normally provides (“Reboot now?” with reminders).

Hello @PromptCare ,

You should receive the regular notification that Windows gives when an update is requesting a reboot.

Just looking at this new screen now, if I click on a specific update, it doesn’t appear to show me which computer requires it like the stand alone patch management does, also with the new patch procedure how do we target and schedule them, I cant see anywhere to do this?

Hello @dougaust ,

You will have to click on the digit that shows up under Installed/Not Installed columns:

Ah yep, cool thanks for that, now is there any info on the patch procedures?

Hello @dougaust ,

Patch procedures can be created from Configuration Templates > Procedures > Create > Create Patch Procedure and be scheduled just like any other procedures

Ah I see, the thing that threw me is there isnt a schedule tab on the new patch procedure screen

Are these windows only updates?
I have Mac and Linux devices in the old patch management system, are these going to be brought in to this system as well?

Hello @dougaust ,

Yes, eventually all the features that are currently provided by the standalone PM (including Mac and Linux support) will be integrated in ITSM PM module and this is expected to be completed by the end of Q2 2017. We will keep you updated on the progress.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

I assume that the stand alone patch management will remain until this happens?

Hello @dougaust ,

Of course, PM will still be available.

Remington Here. Im a newbie here.
Can anyone point me to resources that I can use to get me up to speed with Comodo.
Thanks in advance.

Hello @remington.moyo

We are happy to see that Comodo One has got your attention!

Here is the recorded webinar for the latest Comodo One release >

In the same time, you can review our guides for Comodo One and its modules and for the IT & Security Management:

As a valued MSP partner, we provide you with your own dedicated product engineer to give you a personalized demo of our platform so that you can become familiar with all of its capabilities and also get started. Our mission is to make you a Comodo One Guru and educate you on all of its functionalities.
Please request your free demo via the link below and you will be contacted by your dedicated Product Engineer within 24 hours. Thank you and looking forward to servicing you.

Thank you very much.