New Release on Comodo ONE Mobile - 10/24/2016

Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce that we updated our Comodo ONE Mobile applications on stores.

Now you have access to a lot more of the awesome features that you had on Comodo ONE platform.

Please update / download new version from stores:

Apple App Store:

Android Google Play:

Here is the new features list for you!

  • One of the useful features, stopwatch, enabled on mobile application so that your work time is counted automatically even when you are away from your desktop
  • Manuel time entry is enabled so that you enter your efforts as billable or not even when you are mobile.
  • Finding your customers address has not been so easy!! With Maps/Navigation functionality, you can see your customers’ location directly on map applications installed on your mobile device (Google Maps) and reach them directly
  • Share Ticket capability is enabled so that you can share ticket with related colleagues in seconds.
  • Extended ticket search is now available so that you do not have to waste your time by searching tickets on mobile app, it is easy as if you use desktop version
  • Add material functionality is also enable so that you can create your tickets completely from mobile application
  • Adding attachments as photos is enable so that you can add needed detail to tickets by taking photo in time via by your phone easily and the attachments can be seen as internal notes on tickets.
  • Configurable push notifications function is enables so that you can configure your mobile notifications about tickets as you wish! Configurable items are;-New ticket assignment
    • New unassigned ticket
    • Reply or response on a ticket
    • Ticket closure
    • Ticket state change
    • Ticket update
  • Closed Tickets tab is enable so that you can take action for closed tickets on mobile also when it is needed.
Best regards, Ilker

great work guys!

Another release, nice. I will continue testing.


Any news on a windows 10 mobile version?

Hello @Marveltec ,

The feature “Comodo ONE Mobile application for Windows 10 powered mobile devices” is planned to be delivered at the end of Q3 2017. We have also updated you regarding this on the already existing ticket.