New Remote Control Firewall Ports

What ports are involved in completing the connection? The connection starts but never completes. The computers are sitting behind a fairly tightly controlled Sophos UTM.


Hi @gnl I have emailed support earlier today regarding the same issue. I will report back when they respond.
There is documentation regarding firewall ports and protocols at…t-Details.html
Not sure if it covers the new Comodo Remote Control.

Hi @gnl @mhberglund

We are going to update the port list but right now all connections are outbound and all TCP connections are using destination port 80 or 443.

For remote connection, we are using UDP as well and we put them in range for relay connections, but we don’t limit them if they are working on peer to peer mode (mostly when they are in the same network zone).

I am attaching my connection details as an example below but we will update you again with exact port set.


Exact ports used and destination hostnames or IP addresses used would be most useful.


What are the ports in need to open on my client side ? So, i can remote in using new remote control ?

FYI - client side firewall currently - deny all outgoing / incoming. So, i need to know the exact ports used by the new remote control.

Thank you.

Hi @edoibsb,

Here are the ports used by Comodo CCC, RMM and CCV.