NEW Remote control will not hold region setting/does not detect correct region

The new remote control app will not hold region setting, I am in the US and it defaults to Europe. Also, it would be nice to allow it to remember the MFA setting for the workstation it’s on similar to the login for the web interface (Checkbox to remember this station) so you do not have to enter MFA each time.

@carls ,

If your portal URL instance directs to then your account had been set up on EU instance which should pull up the EU setting as well on the remote tool.

Hello @carls ,

Thank you for your post.

I am able to reproduce your case. We have just discussed this case with the development team and they provided feedback that this issue was captured previously and it is already fixed. The planned release date for this fix is June 8. We’ll keep you posted if any hotfix deployment is considered for Remote Control earlier under this post.

Remembering not to ask for the MFA on a particular device as in portal is already on the roadmap with timeline of rather longer term currently.

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Thank you for the rapid response! You people ROCK!

I can confirm this has been fixed in the latest version, thank you!