New script for recording video

Hi we have several Raspberry pi’s on customers sites we are launching for CCTV.
Can we get a python script that enables recording in 30 min segments with 1280x720 resolution at 60fps using raspivid and have text overlay with date and time please.

We plan on have all the pi’s in Itsm.

Hello @monster-it

It seems very much interesting one. We started to analyze this. We will get back to you soon.

Thank you

So some more details.
So the setup is currently CSI Camera with night vision. 512gb ssd card class 10. RPI 3 B. with pin 21 setup as a safe shutdown switch incase we need to do maintenance. I’ve been playing for this for a week but I am not coder and cannot write scripts.

The storage location needs to be set as /home/pi/CamProj/Videos

The videos should be saved as date and start time. it has ssh and ftp enabled already so we can drag off the files from this location.

Nevermind i’ve managed to get it working. did a github for it.

Hello @monster-it

We feel very proud to have the customer like you with this much stuff. We are always here for you to give the best.

Thank you very much.