New Script Request - Combine Scripts for Autoremediation on low disk space alert

The new script for searching an EP for Folders > X MB works great ( And the script for cleaning up an EP works well (

We already use the latter as an autoremediation script for the low disk space monitors. It would be super useful if we could combine these in to one script and have the output of these two into a CSV or downloadable report to be attached to the monitor alert ticket and/or email.

So if a low disk space monitoring event is triggered, the clean-up portion of the script runs and outputs to a CSV followed by the output from Get Size of all Folders on an EP > X.

Hello @amcssit ,

Thank you for the suggestion, we will forward the request to our Script Development team and support team will get in touch with you shortly via email.


@Jay There is also my suggestion here about adding the ability to have multiple auto-remediation steps, but that requires back-end development so will take a while on the roadmap I would imagine: