New Script Request - Create a new Domain Group Policy

Is there anyway to use a script to add a new Domain Group Policy to a DC, or amend an existing one? I know one can do it for Local Group Policies, but we need to be able to deploy a new (or revise an existing) GPO to a number of DCs across multiple customers.

Hello @amcssit,

We have asked your query to our script developers and they advised that it is not possible hence Domain Group Policy cannot be modified/edited by means of procedure or script.

For Local Group Policy, you may use the procedure from the link below.

Thank you

@Samuel_C There is an article on how to create new Domain GPOs (and set WMI filters) using powershell here:…e-time-server/

(I’m aware of the local security policy script but most Domain GPOs turn off local security policy processing to ensure EPs comply with Domain Policies.)

Hi @amcssit ,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this case. We’ve already informed our Script Developers about the information you’ve shared and we will reach back to you with updates as soon as possible.