New Script Request - Look for a config file, check parameter value and modify it

Hello Scripting Team,

This is maybe a complicated request. We have a department where a lot of people needs a certain internal Java application. Some users have found problems while running the application, and we have found that the reported issues can be resolved by just modifying a simple parameter in the application configuration INI file. The problem now is that we may have to manually modify that INI file on a hundred computers. So we are thinking if maybe this could be achieved through a script from the Comodo ONE Endpoint Manager.

The script should do the following:

1.- Look for the application configuration INI file (mind that the path contains spaces):
C:\Devoteam Reporting\Configuration.ini

2.- Check if there is a line with the following parameter:

3.- Change the parameter value:

4.- Save the configuration INI file.

Is it possible to do this?

Thanks in advance for your kind support!

– Javier Llorente
Devoteam - Endpoint Security

Hello @DevoteamEndpointSecu ,

We will have our script developers check on your request and we will keep you posted with the update via this forum page and related support ticket. Thank you