New scripts needed

We will need to have 2 scripts that we were not able to find the way we need

  1. to restart pc without user interaction
  2. shut-down pc again without user interaction like close every night at 8 because users never shut down

additionally i want users not been able to uninstall the ITSM from workgroup pc

Hello @chriskarts
If you are familiar with making batch (BAT) files or you already have one, you can use this script to run a BAT file. You can also use this script to set up a task schedule. Feel free to check the other scripts here about task scheduling.

There is also the option to run a (custom) procedure on schedule if you do not want to create any endpoint-side task schedule entries.

additionally i want users not been able to uninstall the ITSM from workgroup pc

Aside from making sure that the computer user is not using an ‘administrator’ user account and enforcing it through Group Policy (if this is used), you can utilize the ‘Client Access Control’ section in the associated Profile.

HI @chriskarts

  1. To restart pc without user interaction, Please refer the following link

  1. To schedule shut-down without user interaction, Please refer the following link

We don’t need a script to Restrict uninstalling the ITSM agent. We can create a single profile to enable authentication for ITSM agent and assign it to multiple devices. By this profile, User cannot uninstall the ITSM agent without the administrator password/Custom password.

Please refer to the following wiki topic to use it effectively

Thank you

How can i delete tickets from been also made when there is an alert? my ticketing is getting full of those

Hi @chriskarts ,

The user should disable the option “Create alert tickets on service desk” in Alert settings. If “Value” is the alert that is used in monitoring then in Alert settings for Value the user need to disable it. Please see attached screenshot for your reference.

Hi @chriskarts

We have modified the script for shutdown process. Please refer the attached json file

For the profile scheduling, Please refer to the following wiki topic:

20180626-shutdown.json (1.37 KB)

Hi @chriskarts

We deeply regret inconvenience caused to you.

We have changed the script. please refer the attachment here.

Note : Before running the script change the values accordingly based on your requirement.

Select_usecase= 0 restarts the system immediately

Select_usecase= 1 Scheduling the shutdown

For scheduling please follow up the steps from this wiki guide.

Please provide your valuable feeback

Thank you

20180725-Shutdown_restart_time.json (2.19 KB)

I try both and 0 and 1 and seems they do restart both cases

I run both as procedure to the machine i test and i did not shcdule as is pointless i guess. Also the comment in the script code you have them the othe way around as you send me like 1 restart and 0 to shutdown but that is ok is a comment we can easy change.

@chriskarts ,

We have informed our Script Developers of the output of your tests. We’ll provide you an update shortly.

Hi @chriskarts

Sorry for the information in the above comment.

We have tested the script which we provided with below conditions.

Case 1 :

Select_usecase= 0 Restarts the system immediately – Success

Case 2:

Select_usecase= 1 Shutdown – Success

It was working good in our environment.Could you please check this conditions again and let us know the test results.

Thank you

@chriskarts ,

We thank you for giving us a response. We optimistically assume that your request had been addressed.