New US-based MSP startup - Comodo or ITarian relationship?

Hello everybody -

I am an MSP startup in the US looking to focus on cyber-security, and am extremely impressed with the Comodo Security product. After working with Symantec, Trend Micro, Kaspersky, Webroot and every other AV suite out there for the last 20 years, it’s just heads and tails above the rest in terms of effectiveness.

My goal has been to use the Comodo ONE platform as the backbone of my practice, and have a consumer and business division. In rolling it out to my Beta group, I’m having hiccups here and there (moving endpoints from one group to another - seriously, WTF), but nothing that’s a major stoppage.

However, the relationship between Comodo and ITarian is really, really confusing. My background as an MSP is that I have a single rep at a vendor that I can contact to work out pricing, set up demos, interface with the tech team if response isn’t good, etc.

When I first tried out the software, the Comodo rep was great - super personable and friendly. However, he left to pursue other opportunities, and since he’s been gone, I feel like I’m getting the run-around. I would like to eventually use the Level 1 Help desk service and perhaps other services as well – but who should I have the relationship with? Comodo? ITarian? Somebody else I haven’t heard of?

I definitely don’t need my hand held, but I really want to establish a relationship with a human. And if that’s just not possible with their business model or because I’m funny looking or because the moon isn’t in the seventh house or whatever… I’d just like to know that. I can take it.


Your main relationship is with Itarian, where you will have an Itarian success manager will help guide you about third party providers like Comodo and others.

That sounds good - I already created a portal log-in with Comodo ONE and have created profiles/groups/users/logos/etc. Is there an easy way to bring that under the ITarian umbrella, or do I have to start from scratch?

Ok, I will do that. Looking forward to talking with an ITarian Success Manager!

Hi @santisdel

Sounds like you are in good hands now, but if you do need any help or have questions on pricing etc please feel free to contact us.

We are based in the UK but help and distribute Itarian / Comodo to US, UK and EU.


Just to follow up on this: I’ve been in contact with Omar Salim over the last few days, and had a great tech phone call with Jerald Javier yesterday.

I definitely feel like I’m in great hands - huge props to Omar and Jerald. Thanks gents!

Looking forward to working alongside everybody here in the community… Hope you all have a great weekend.

@keylerage ,

Please let us know what confuses you? Are you using the itarian platform or Comodo One? Were you able to get a hold on our Partner success manager to assist you with onboarding? May we know what hurdles have stopped your deployment? We are here to help.

If you are looking for a good experience for information and sales please send an email to or a PM to this forum account.

We are talking with @melih about a proper dedicated address like or something, maybe input from it’s users would be a good idea?