New user can't login to RemoteControl

My new USER can’t login to “Remote Control by Itarian”
to remote to the EP of their own ACCESS SCOPE, not using username and not using email provided.,
but he can login to portal with 2FA enabled.

I’ve created a new CUSTOMER “GR” (mail robert@…) and new PROFILE, USER, DEVICE GROUP etc.,

the ROLE “GR” is copied from Technician

he can’t login neither with username nor with password,
what I’ve missed?
Thank you.

Just a guess, but try using the option on the remote app for “Endpoint Manager” NOT Itarian

Use your specific domain name like from the web portal address bar after sign in.

Then use the username/password

I got caught with the same issue creating a work from home user.


… correct!
thank you,
the ENDPOINT MANAGER is the correct direction!

How can a regular user login into the remote control tool?

Hi @MiracleMan,

Please check the Mcfproservices comment and follow the steps to login in to Remote Control.

Please reach us if you still have any issues.

Kind Regards,

Hi @bukino,

Please share the error screenshot you are receiving after following the step provided and also please verify you can log in with the same credentials in the portal too.
We would like to create support ticket with the information provided.

Kind Regards,