new user couple of questions

I wanted to start by saying so far I really like the product. I am not sure if I havent figured out how to do it or if its not available on this product.
Does this product offer custom branding.
How do I push new software packages onto new devices
last question I have does this product or will it ever support mobile devices/tablets

Glad to hear you like the product, it will only get better with each and every release. on 29th July we will have a release that will have free Mobile Device Management built into it.


After the good news, I can answer for the remaining questions. For the remaining questions

Right now, we don’t have custom branding option but it is requested and going to be prioritized according to MSPs request. Please vote for it to contribute on roadmap and prioritization:

Enrollment could be done 2 ways,

  • one at a time as defined on admin guide:
  • bulk deployment over Active directory or scripting:
Please let us know if you need anything else. Ilker

I would like to thank you guys for your swift response. Yes I very much do like the product, The features are nice Once I figure out how to use the tool to its fullest and a couple of features This product will probably become the best on the market. Once I fully figure things out I will give you guys a better opinion on whats missing or what doesnt work. From what I have seen the major thing needed was mobile support the other things seem to be pretty minor. I am glad you guys got into the rmm I have always like Comodo products this has the potential to be an amazing tool keep up the good work.