New User of Comodo ONE - or rather would like to be?....

Hey all,

Just heard about this today so am trying to look in to it. I went through the portal where you fill out the “Setup Account Details” form that is overlaid on the actual RMM portal. Clicked submit then got taken straight back to the same form to fill out again. This time, if I enter the subdomain I chose first time around, I now get this is already in use. I’m now stuck at the form even though behind I see the Management Interface appears ready?

Anyone shed any light on this please.


Good day @wave
Thank you for contacting us regarding Comodo ONE.
May we suggest that you retry accessing the Comodo ONE site using a different browser or a different device. You may also try to clear your browser cache and retry again. If the issue persists, please do inform us right away. Also, if you see any error/notification on your attempt(s), please do take a screenshot and have it posted here in your reply to better understand the situation.

@wave You can get product engineers to walk you thru the whole thing…its free and available 24/7…take advantage…

@wave Hello, I emailed you and will be happy to walk you through the platform. I’ll call you at 1PM (your time) tomorrow to see if we can connect. Best,

Comodo Mike

Hi Mike, thank you for the help. I have a second job interview tomorrow and it might be cutting it too fine to be home for 1PM. Could you make it a little later please? Say 2pm my time? Thank you.

I’ve attached the form I am talking about when I try and create an account.

Also, please call on the landline number +441442… as the Mobile transmitter covering my area is faulty causing me lots of mobile issues.


Hello @wave ,

Thank you for the screenshot.
Will you please try to put in first the numbers ‘441442’ then add the ‘+’ in front of it?

Also, for your guidance here`s a quick start guide.

Thank you for choosing Comodo One!

Kind Regards,