New user remote control Issues

Hi Guys

having an issue when trying to remote any clients from the portal. I go to applications, device management, select the machine and hit remote control. I have the comodo one remote control app installed. It shows the machine as online (green Tick) then the remote window comes up says connecting then says disconnected and the machine then has a cross. I close the remote window and the machine has a green tick again… any ideas please.

Hi @safeguardits ,

Thank you for reporting this case, we will further investigate this issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible through email.

Hi @safeguardits ,

Thank you for your prompt response, we are actually investigating your concern based on the screenshots you provided and we will get back to you the soonest possible.

We might also need more information and we will communicate through email to resolved your issue.

no problem at all thank you Jordan

I have the same/similair issue, except I can actually connect to some remote clients. It seems to allow connections to some, but not others, even on the same remote LAN. When it times out I see, on the CRC page, "Disconnected (signaling error)

@freesys ,

We will create a support ticket to have your report investigated. As for the previous report mentioned by @safeguardits it was already resolved. Please check your mailbox at your convenient time.

any update on this ? so i can say it works perfectly fine with in my home network netgear firewall . but on my office locations it blocks all connections

this is a firewall issue . we use Sophus UTM adn XG FW . i have done some digging tryied the work around but they still dont fix the issue …

Hello @randy_srs
You may want to review the following links concerning the ‘IP Numbers, Host Names and Port Details’ specific to the Comodo Remote Control (CRC):

If your C1 account is hosted in the EU servers, check this guide.

If your C1 account is hosted in the US servers, then check this one.

We use CRC to connect to devices behind Sophos XG firewalls. I suggest you check your web and application logs for anything being denied. You could also create a rule to exclude all traffic to the Comodo hosts/IPs from web, application and virus filtering on the XG - just make sure it is above your other LAN > WAN rules.

NCT thanks ya i added rules to our firewall .