Newbie Question: Reassigning Devices and Users

I have just (Monday) started deploying Itarian AEP; I have three customers (myself included). I’ve never used an endpoint management system before; strictly local antivirus installation and package/update management. For my first deployments I did not have the customers defined (it took me a while to find the management screen) and those devices and users were assigned to “Default Customer”. Now that I have the customer organizations properly defined, I’d like to reassign those devices and users to the correct organizations without having to delete and re-enroll them. I’ve looked through some of the help material, but I can’t find an index and nothing has been obvious so far. Requesting help from others who have been there.

In passing, let me also note that I have zero percent success with “Enroll and Protect” on Windows devices. When I try to execute the downloaded file (usually about 500MB), nothing happens. If there’s antivirus software, including Windows Smart Screen, it’s blocked. But if I override, deactivate, or even uninstall the existing protection the file still does not install. So the only success I’ve had with Windows devices is to enroll them first, then push the protection out to them once the communications client is installed and working.

You can change a group/owner by selecting the endpoint then selecting ‘Owner’ from the menu.


Okay, problem is that the user was set to “Default Customer” when first set up and I’m not seeing any way to edit the user profile to reassign to a different customer entity.

Hello @ehbowen,

We have created a support ticket in regards to your report and will reach you via your forum registered email for further correspondence.

Hey @ehbowen,

Can you give some details on how you went about organizing the customers ? I’m able to change ownership as mentioned in previous post. However, the company to customer relationships aren’t exactly accurate or to my liking.


I dont mind giving you a little advice but can you clarify what you mean by ‘the company to customer relationships aren’t exactly accurate or to my liking.’ Please

Most if not all of the agents are listed as belonging to my company as opposed to the company I would like them to be.

Create some customers then change the ownership of the endpoints to your prefered customer.

hi. can you explain the difference between customer and owner? and what is the ownership type?
thank you