[Newbiw] Added iMac client to wrong company and now unable to move

I am learning Comodo ONE. I have created some companies, then added some windows clients.
Now I have add a Mac client but I have made a mistake because it is on wrong company.
How can I move it?

Hi @giammar ,

Here`s the step by step process on how to move devices from one company/group to another.

  1. Go to Device management click the check box beside the device you want to move
  2. Click More (upper right hand corner) > Owner > Change Owner
  3. Type the Company name or the owner of the company.
  4. This will bring your devices to default group under the company you selected
  5. If you created other group under the selected company, lets say the name is Group X :
    “Group X” > Group management > Add Devices to group > choose the device > Add selected devices > confirm

Thank you