No billable time in Ticket Report

Running ticket reports today by agent and the billable time and asset type are correct but billable time column is all Zero’s.

Please fix as we use this report for comparing agent time sheets to actuals.

Thank You!

Sorry CLARIFICATION: NO “BILLABLE TIME COST” (rates are set per asset type and billable time is being calculated correctly).

I also see that picking an agent does not filter time recorded to that agent’s time only but the whole ticket itself. Intended this way? Can we change this?

Perhaps another report to give billable time cost per agent?

Thank you.

Ideally, having the cost report expanded to include filter by agent would be ideal for me as we don’t use worked hours but rather billable hours x asset type rates to determine pay.

Thank You.

Hi @azon2111 We will create a feature request to the development team so that you can have billable time cost per agent and we will get back to you as soon as we have an update.

Thank you for your feedback!

Thanks Carl, please see the bug issue as well as the billable time cost is still zero regardless of the agent filter.

Thank You.

You’re welcome! yes we will also look into that.

I believe I’ve got a ticket open for reports-related issues in ServiceDesk, so no need to open another, but I’m generally finding that the reports “just don’t work” (yes, I’ve tried Firefox, and sent screenshots, it’s the same). I think the entire Reports part of service desk needs to have a UX and QA person go in and do a bunch of testing as I’m unable to get anything useful in terms of billing or agent utilization out of it.

For example:

Reports → Tickets, the Organization data is missing, so you can’t filter by Org to generate a list of billable time. You can do a general report and pick each company out, but if you have a lot of tickets this is going to get messy. Perhaps info for my billing should be coming from Costs instead, but…

Reports -> Costs, doesn’t show any billable time (going back a month) - basically this report just doesn’t work at all

Reports -> Time Log, it shows when a ticket was updated, but shouldn’t it also show logged time and billable time? (or maybe not, I don’t know what the intention of the report is, just my assumption is that it should show something along the lines of agent utilization)

I’m not trying to be critical, just want to point out that now that ServiceDesk looks awesome, the reports need to be fixed. I genuinely appreciate all the work you guys have put into this though, it’s getting so much better every release.

@indieserve We appreciate the feedback. We will update your ticket and keep you posted.

Not really a big deal, but if you add a comment to a ticket and select the Close ticket check box, then leave that ticket, it will not prompt you if it is billable time or not.

If you add a comment, save the comment. Then close the ticket with the CLOSE button as a separate step, THEN leave the ticket (ie by clicking on tickets on the left hand side) THEN it will prompt if it is billable time. I don’t know if this is a bug or not, but my assumption is it should always ask me if the time is billable if I’ve made any entry to the ticket, no?

FWIW, I rean the cost report just now for this week and there are three tickets each with 15 minutes. One of the tickets is correct, but then there is a ticket with a longer number (I switched before end of april to sequential ticket #s as the random ones don’t display right with the new skin) – with 30 minutes. Cost report should show three tickets each with 15 minutes as the other ticket report does. I can send screencaps to support in email if desired, let me know.

@Damon C Any updates to offer on this?

Thank You

Hi @azon2111,

Our developers have confirmed that the issue has been resolved and the team has communicated through the emails of the affected partners.

Would you kindly validate if the issue is still happening?

Thank you.