No internet and no internal DNS name resolution

I have been on a customer’s site today with my laptop that has the Dome endpoint agent installed.

Problem 1, no internal domain DNS resolution e.g. I cannot ping a server name internal on the local LAN, IP address works fine.
Problem 2, if there is no valid internet connection when the laptop starts and I login, then when I do connect to WIFI or Ethernet I still don’t have internet, the laptop needs to be rebooted once the connection is made.

Hello @dittoit,

We appreciate for bringing this issue to our attention. We would like to verify if the issue started after installing the roaming agent? If by any chance yes, please try reinstalling the agent on the device and if the connection is still being blocked please let us know. Thank you

I had the same thing when testing the agent. I made sure to include our internal DNS servers and domain name in the configuration for our network but it made no difference. All internal DNS was stuffed using the FQDN.

I have had a ticket open for this for months and was told it was being worked on by development. Our issue was when trying to connect to a wireless network that had a web based authentication, the agent would set the dns to and not allow you to change it (nor would it pick up the DHCP DNS settings either). Caused me some major issues with remote workers using coffeeshops for internet.

Hello @curatrix_pl,

We have created a new ticket and requested to expedite the issue.

Thank you for bearing with us.

This has nothing to do with the issue, but why would you create a new ticket unless the old one has been removed? Surely it should just be a question of kicking whoever is assigned the current ticket? I only ask because ive seen companies do this many many times before in order to ‘reset’ their own internal SLA’s. ie X ticket can only stay open for X amount of time, however closure and recreation of the ticket starts the timer again.

@Joners - I’m currently collecting tickets on issues like this… I believe i currently have 15 tickets open across various issues.

The Dome Shield thing was actually raised through our partner manager and a Product Engineer, and as such, i dont currently see a ticket on the portal for it. There was a big list of things i reported to them, and i had a number of new tickets opened off the back of it, so not sure if this wasn’t logged as a result…

Hi @curatrix_pl, @dittoit, @Joners,

Captive portal improvement released with 1.11.0 release.
“Captive Portal Sensing: With the new release, Dome Shield Roaming Agent automatically senses if goes behind a captive portal and disables itself to provide uninterrupted web access for installed PCs. After captive portal authenticates the laptop, Dome Shield Roaming Agent automatically enables itself again.”

Check out:

Thank you for bearing with us.