No remote since update

I updated the Remote control app on my computer today, and can no longer remote into any systems. I get an error “Takeover failed to start. The specified operation is not supported by this device.” I just installed the client on the machine, new machine, and it was working before, as I was logged into a different system before the update. I have this issue with all my systems now.


Thank you for notifying us. Please reach out to Itarian Support directly via and they will make sure to resolve your issue as quickly as they can.

Does the take control app show the client online? I had an issue like this once and it turns out the ITSMservice was turned off.

Yes, they shows up as online, and I can still remote in on my other systems that have not had the Remote app updated.

I verified, I can still log into any system, for a different computer, without updating the remote app.

OK, so I started having issues logging into my computers, they would come up, but would not log all the way in, stuck on connecting. So, against my better judgement, I tried the new update, in case it was just botched up on that other computer. Now, I am getting the same errors, and I can not log into any computers on this system now. The issue seems to be with your software, for sure!! I am really disliking these issues. Things were almost working, and here we go again, broke again!!!

Hello @BOSS,

We have informed our ITarian Support to review the issue and get back to your case as quickly as possible. Follow-up email should be coming from

Thank you.

Thanks, I have replied!!

I rolled the last updated system back, and I can now open the systems, and I was able to log into a system. It took a significant amount of time to connect, but it did finally did connect!! Is nobody else having this issue with the new version of the remote app??

3 RC updated, 157 EPs rolled,
… no problems at the moment.

Support has fixed my issue, thanks y’all!!