No ticket notification via email or mobile app

Not receiving email alerts of tickets and no alerts in the mobile app either.

Any suggestions?

Hi @Velvis
May we ask which specific alerts were you expecting to receive? If you can provide us more specific information like screenshots (feel free to censor out any info you deem sensitive), that will be great. Please do reply at your convenience.

If someone creates a ticket in the Service Desk or via the system tray icon. I get no notification of it whatsoever. (no email alert or alert via the mobile app)

Hi @Velvis
Alerts and notices are handled in SD’s ADMIN PANEL → SETTINGS → Alerts & Notices.

Make sure that the account used to access these settings has the proper permissions. Also make sure, that your account is part of the selected recipients (department, organization, staff).

Were the alerts working before for you? Have you (or some other user) perhaps made changes to this section of the Service Desk recently?

I think my admin account is configured wrong. Is there a way you can check it out?

Hi @Velvis
We created a support ticket for your concern. Please do reply at your convenience.

EDIT: We are glad to know that the alerts/notifications are working after changing the email recipient. It is possible that your business email hosting server is blocking (or has a spam filter of sorts) notification emails from ''. For the iOS notifications, make sure that the C1 Mobile app is at least running at the background and not totally off.