Non-windows device monitoring

Is there, or will there be, monitoring tools for non-windows devices? IE mobile devices, printers, network devices, etc. I am extremely new to Comodo, so not sure where to start when it comes to non-windows devices. Thanks Adam

We have TCP, ping and web monitors as of now. Also, SNMP monitor is on roadmap.

Please feel free to suggest any other method that you see needed.

Do you offer a way to easily deploy and manage AV/end-point protection? Do you have the Comodo AV possibly built-in or on future roadmap? how well is this tool at monitoring virtual servers? How about HyperV host or vMware host machines?

CDM (Comodo Device Management) provides the endpoint protection for Windows and mobile as well. Please check it out.

We are still polishing the integration but you should be able to use it right away.

Any update on this? Also, I do not see how to deploy the tcp and web monitors?

Hi @ymi ,

I’m not sure about an update but we use the tcp and web monitors you need to set up a policy on the RMM Console and deploy it to devices to enable the monitors.

@ymi, please check below help page for more info. Please let us know if you need more help.


Regarding SNMP monitoring, our intended timeline is Q1 of 2016 but it might be even sooner.

VMware monitoring would be needed by many MSP’s I am sure. N-able has one of the best VMware integrations. It would allow access to the Datastore level (CSV on Hyper-V) so you could actually get an alert when the datastore was getting too full. Hyper-v is the same problem as even and agent in Windows host cannot easily tell if the CSV is getting full. Knowing if a VM disk is getting full is useful but knowing when the shared volume is getting full is far more important as that can bring your entire cluster down if it fills up. I’ve use SNMP in the past but it is not too pretty. Out of the box monitoring of Hypervisor level objects would take Comodo One to a whole new level.

Hello @Kent

We have escalated your request and we will get back to you as soon as we will have a resolution.