Not able to Install Comodo Client

I am login to portal, click on enrollment Device and follow up all the steps, get the links for enrollment, then download the software, when I am running its not installing Comodo Client, I run as admin, check local security, but not help, but I see that computer on portal and look like “Firewall” and “Containment” still not installed, any can help please. Attached the screenshot.

So to clarify… Youre getting AV but not the firewall or containment?? Have you checked the default profile?

tell me the steps, what should I do on the default profile please.

Select your problematic endpoint, then the far left option along the top you’ll see ‘Manage Profiles’. add a profile (I’d recommend windows level1) and save. A short while later the profile will be applied… You can see when the profile has been applied by selecting ‘Associated profiles’, it should say ‘Successfully processed’. The endpoint will most likely need a reboot once applied to activate containment and firewall.

One more thing… you cannot edit the settings in the default profiles… if you desire to tweak them, you need to copy the default profile with a new name then make the changes to that profile and apply it instead to the endpoint. Hope that helps.

I follow up the steps, Select the computer, click “Manager profiels”, Add profile, and select windows level 1 profile, but still “FW, CO” not installed. restart the computer, any other recommendation please.

Next thing I’d personally do is remove CCS completely from the endpoint… and reinstall.

Here is a link to the removal tool if you have problems removing via normal means

Thank you! Had same problem on Windows 10 version 1511. This solved it easy peasy: don’t have any more issues with firewall.