Not installed components in default profile?


I’m new to Comodo One free and it’s free modules and I’m currently testing it out to see if it’s suitable for us to deploy.

I created a new default Windows profile and did a “Cancel Default” on the factory default profile. So now my custom made profile is the only default Windows profile. I wish my default profile to be a very limited profile with only a few components active. I do not wish components to be active when I haven’t defined or added them to the default profile.

My question is: how are components being handeld which aren’t defined in the default profile? For example, suppose I have a default Windows profile with only “Sandbox” and “Update Rule” defined/installed and I have no other (default) profiles active, are “Sandbox” and “Update Rule” the only components that activate on a Windows machine that have the default profile applied? Or will other components which aren’t defined in the profile also activate in some way?
This is what I read in the quick start guide:
"If a component is not configured, the device will continue to use existing, user-defined settings or settings that have been applied by another CDM profile. "
But since I have no other default, existing or user-defined profiles, I’m wondering how the undefined/installed components are being handled.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @mmk23 ,

We strongly suggest that you clone a predefined profile (best practice would be “Hardened Laptop Policy”) and start from there instead of creating one from scratch.
You can delete/edit any already existing modules and options within the Hardened Profile and go from there.
Please let us know if you need help with anything.

Hi John,

Ok I’ll take a look at cloning.
Maybe I’m missing out on something, if so I apologize, but you didn’t gave me any information on undefined/not-installed component behaviour (in combination with a default profile). Could you please re-read my question and give me some information on that? If I need to clarify anything please let me know.

Hello @mmk23 ,

To add on John’s reply, our security product has 3 major security layers: Antivirus, Firewall and Sandbox. File Rating is mandatory.
Any combination works fine: (AV+FW+SB), (AV+SB), (FW+SB) or (SB). Of course from a security point of view the first one is what we recommend.

Marked in red are the layers that you could remove from a profile. Removing any of them means that they will not be installed at all on the Device that has that specific profile applied to it.
Marked in Yellow are additional security layers that can be removed from the profile. Removing any of them from the profile means that they will be disabled an hidden in the GUI of the security product.
Marked in green are additional settings, that are not mandatory in a profile. Removing them from the profile makes no difference on what is installed or not on the devices. These are there to help you control better some actions (like security product updates, logging, etc.)

For example after you clone the recommended or hardened profile:

  • If you want only the sandbox your profile needs to contain at least: General, Sandbox, File Rating

Great info Matthew, thanks!