Not Installing on Iphone 8

Hey guys, am trying to install Comodo just now in my iOS device iPhone 8 but it’s showing this message: “Not enough Space for this app”, please say me a solution so i can use Comodo app again!

Hello @sachinkhanna48,

We have tried replicating the issue on our end we have successfully downloaded the C1 Mobile App.

The error “Not enough Space for this app” normally happens if you’re updating or downloading your iOS device wirelessly or if you have apps eating up your storage.
It is possible that the issue is from your Apple device.

We suggest to please try downloading different apps and if you still get the same error, please refer to the Apple Support.

If not, we can have this case investigated to our development team.

Let us know your thoughts. Thank you.

I will try this

Sachin Khanna

Hi there
Last time I tried to install CFW in Windows 10 I almost kill myself. It wouldn’t execute the installer, it would crash, internet said I had to do million tons of shit like decompiling, extracting the exe and bs. Does this still happen?

Hi @Walsh1,

Sorry to know that you had issue while installing CFW in Windows 10, Can you please try now and check if you still have issue.
If yes, please provide error screenshot you receive.

Kind Regards,

I also get the error message “Not enough Space for this app”,

Hi @frankwhaley,

Are you able to install any other apps or you get this error only when installing our Comodo.

Kind Regards,