Not working

Hi, I’m onsite at a customer, I setup an always block website so I can test but it isn’t working, I also tested xhamster and I got access!!!

nothing has changed, I have the IP’s set in the server DNS, but when I check it cannot resolve them?

Please assist ASAP!!.

This has been in place for months and has previously been working, I have looked and all settings seem correct.

Please could you post the outcome of this problem here, too.

So I tested again this morning and things are now working… not very good that I had to report a problem and then it magically gets fixed :frowning:

I created a policy on top of the default ones to test this is a page supplied by opendns. so I created a policy to always block this address, its much better than going to xhmaster or asking my customer as a test to find random porn pages !!!

Hi @dittoit, this is a fixed button at the moment and we have been advised that this will be removed soon.