Noticable Changes from Support & Platform as a whole

Just a quick shout-out to the teams behind the e-mail support at Comodo/Itarian. In the past, I would only receive answers after hours (U.S. time, middle of the night) and recently, I’ve been receiving replies within the hour. I’m becoming more and more comfortable with the idea of paying per device. Performance of the services are at acceptable levels (not the case 2018 and sooner) and most of the kinks are worked out across all systems. The trend is nice!

Hello @BrandonKai, we are grateful for your compliments. It’s great to hear we are in the correct direction! We are working hard for giving the best support experience to our clients. Stay tuned for good results! We are always here for your suggestions, please let us know.


This is a blatent copy/paste from another post from back in December, same content, same title, but with the adition of a (possibly fake/harmful) vlc link at the end.

How does no one else notice this stuff?

I was a little suspicious too!