Notifications for alerts

I cannot seem to get notifications for RMM alerts and or new ticket creation. I would first like to get an email and a nice to have would be sending a text message. It looks like everything is setup correctly in service desk -> alerts & notifications. I’m able to send test messages to validate emails work but cannot seem to get alert emails.


Can you please confirm that a ticket is indeed created when an alert is generated?
Are the tickets created in the same Department?

Yes a ticket does get created when an alert is generated.

Yes the tickets are all created in department “Support”.


From the Admin Panel, Then in the Emails Section you will need to add emails that will be used by the Service Desk as System Email addresses (those addresses cannot be assigned for staff members).
Keep in mind that you will need to edit the details (server name, ports, protocols, passwords etc by simply clicking on the email address that you added - Sending emails via SMTP).
Then go to Settings -> Emails and assign an email address for each part (System, Alert or Admin).
In the Alerts and Notices section from Settings Tab you can select who will receive email alerts for the new tickets.

Please check these instructions, and advise the outcome.

That does not work. I raised this issues before and still waiting for the feature to be implemented.
The RMM tool alerts the service desk and creates a ticket, however that does not send any email to system admin. I do receive email alerts for any message that is sent/emailed to the service desk email i created or any other department email address.

You will need to be logged into service desk 24/7 to be aware of any policy notifications being triggered/monitored.

Hello @TechnoEXPRESS ,

When RMM creates an alert, it will also open a ticket in the default department (you can check to find out what is your default department in Admin Panel > Settings > System > Default department). Please make sure that the email address that is set on the default department is configured to send out emails (Admin Panel > Emails tab > Emails > Sending Email via SMTP). Also, please send a Diagnostic email from the default department to make sure that the settings are properly configured (from Admin Panel > Emails tab > Diagnostic).

Yes, I done all that, and the diagnostic part too, all that worked just fine. I received emails from service desk just not the ones created by RMM triggers. That was a month ago, I will create a new policy that should generate a ticket. I had stop using that part of the system for some time now.

What happens if you manually create a ticket in the default department, will it send out a notification? Also, could you please check to see who is set to receive a notification when a new ticket is created (in Admin Panel > Settings > Alerts & Notices) - you may check all the boxes under ‘New Ticket Alert’ and repeat the test.

“Teaser Alert:” You are going to get mobile service desk application as well soon. You don’t need to access to computer to see the open tickets :slight_smile:

I do receive the email notifications for everything created manually. I am very aware of osTicket setup, I have it installed elsewhere. The mobile app would be a great addition, i see there are a few apps already for osTicket on iOS and Android.

​@dagint and @TechnoEXPRESS,

Thank you for your feedback.
We have escalated this issue for our development team.

Has this been resolved yet? I don’t want to waste time troubleshooting if it’s still a known issue.

@snoopwoody On 20th of december a new version of Comdo One was released, which now combines the RMM with Comodo Device Management and Valkyrie.
New accounts created after this date will have this by default and older accounts will be migrated soon.


Sorry this does not really answer my question. I am not getting emailed when an alert creates a ticket. Also I can’t see a way of clearing alerts now they have moved into the web console

To identify if you have the same issue, Please check the following and make sure they are configured properly:

In the Service Desk module, once you navigate to Admin Panel > Settings > Emails you should see the Admin’s Email Address.…d-Options.html
That is where System Errors and New Ticket Alerts are sent.
In order to make sure that happens, you also need to check Settings > Alerts & Notices.…d-Notices.html
Also , please make sure your email server is configured correctly:…Addresses.html

I am also not getting alerted when a ticket is automatically created. I get alerted if i create a new ticket but if a ticket is automatically created I do not get alerted.

Yes everything is configured ok. I get an email if I manually create a ticket but don’t when a ticket is created by an alert.

Also what about my additional query for clearing an alert from the web console?

Hello @USAComputerServices,

Could you please send us a screenshot at with the settings for the email address set up to send the alerts (Admin Panel -> Emails -> click on the alerts email address)?

Hello @snoopwoody,

Are you referring to the RMM alerts from the web portal or from CDM? If it’s for CDM, you would simply have to go to Dashboard -> Notifications, select the alerts in questions and then, “Delete notification(s)”.

I’m referring to the RMM alerts from the Web Portal

Hello @snoopwoody,

Please send us a screenshot with the RMM alerts panel from your portal at