Notifications or Logs for any new application installed or removed on C1 agent?

Hi all,

It would be nice, if we have log or notifications for any application installed or removed on any node, which is enrolled in C1, either it can be with end user, actual admin or through uninstall features on C1 for record or get to know.

At times, we have a situation, where we will need to give admin rights for end users (especially they are in site or remote), and things need to be in control, so at least if we can know what user has removed or added and of course for Audit, if our C1 account compromised and we don’t know who’s doing what.

Really appreciate you help!

Hello @itguy_comodo ,

Thank you for your input.
We already have the same feature request to fire an alert when new software is installed or an existing one uninstalled depending on the watch criteria.
Please tell us if we can add you on the loop so you`ll receive an email for any important update.


Hi @itguy_comodo!

Thanks for your feedback!

You can view the application installation logs for enrolled devices under device view, please take a look at wiki page below. Additionally, we are currently working on logs for uninstalled applications, they will be featured soon.



Please also include me in any updates, thanks.

Hello @nct
As requested, we have looped you in to the feature request ticket for a new monitor that would trigger an alert every time a new software is installed, or when an installed software is uninstalled.

Hi @itguy_comodo ,

Please refer the following custom monitoring script that will generate an alert when an software is installed or uninstalled
Thank You