Notify user you are remoting in

I don’t know if this has been asked before but when I searched the forums I could not find a topic on it. Is there a way to put a custom message on the screen saying something like “The Administrator of (company name) is about to remote into your system.” ? I need to be able to let my customers know before I go on their system for security reasons.


Hello @jtlogic
A similar request has been made before wherein a dialog window/alert appears on the end user’s device with a message requesting for remote access. The end user has the ability to approve/reject a remote connection initiated by the MSP. It will have a countdown timer wherein if no action is taken on the end user’s side, the request will be approved automatically. This feature is planned to be released on Q3 2017.

Also please add to this the ability to login regardless if they approve or not but still show a message saying that the technician is remoting in

Hi @jtlogic
That is already part of the existing feature request.

Isnt that what already happens? You can just connect and it shows the notification (unless disabled in the policy).

No what happens currently is that I connect and the user is unaware with no notification

@jtlogic you can enable the connection notification (not permission request) from your profile. Please check the guide for it.