October Town Hall Meeting for Comodo ONE

Hi everyone,

We would like to invite you to join our Town Hall meeting on Friday 11 AM EST. We would like to hear from you and talk about progress over Comodo ONE.

Please send me an email for online meeting details (ilker.simsir[at]comodo.com) if you are interested.


Hi everyone,

Thank you for attending our meeting. You can see the recording of it on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rW_5lp6UDA8

In the meeting,

  • we went through excellent input documents @StrobeTech created for us, workflow and screen changes to support that workflow. You can find them attached to this post.
  • we discussed to have similar inputs from @dittoit and also @eztech as well

For everyone else, please feel free to comment and provide similar inputs for us to build the roadmap around.

Also, we are looking forward to see you on our next Town Hall Meeting which would be held on 3rd of November.

Best regards,

Service Desk Workflow.pdf (449 KB)

Service Desk ScreensAndViews.pdf (1.22 MB)


Thanks for making the opportunity available and for Melih’s involvement as well.

Please set up and send out the invite calendar entry early. It helps to block out the time well in advance.


It was good to finally get the time to meet you all, hopefully the info from was good and shows how we are committed to improving the platform.

Would be great to hear all your thoughts, ideas and what you all need too.

For me it looks clear so far on the 3rd so please send out invites asap to make sure it all booked up as it will be nice to try attend the entire meeting.

WOW!!, this kind of meeting sounded good, I will try to assist next time. Great job to all of you!!.

Thanks for sharing information files.

Just a question for all MSPs…
so far I have not touched the contracts side of servicedesk, but this is a needed section. Can I ask how people makes theirs??

for instance we have 3 types of client:-
PAYG (Pay As You Go) - they pay full price for everything
Remote Maintenance - unlimited telephone and workshop support, pay for changes and site visits but discounted rate.
Maintenance - unlimited telephone, workshop and get an allowance for onsite time. Pay for changes and over onsite time allowance.

To calculate our bills / contract value we have a cost per computer, per server and server bolt on. This all added up together makes the contract value and how.much time they have onsite if that style of contract.

would love all your thoughts so we can get this part working too.

Sorry I was unavailable for Friday’s meeting - I’m currently watching it. We’ve not started to use SD yet, but will be once the C1, CCC and CCS are stable. Well done @StrobeTech great presentation and documentation, that’s a great help for all of us.

All our clients are on contracts for to include all on-site and remote support, most pay an annual fixed fee and a handful pre-purchased technicians’ hours in advance. Any new work such as PC installations etc is chargeable.

Isn’t the system status page scheduled for 2018 Q2 re #YWA-146-57464?

“We have been informed that " Feature request: Real-Time network status of our various platforms (C1, ITSM, RMM etc) " has been rescheduled for Q2 2018. We will reach back to you with more information regarding the development progress as soon as possible.”

Something I completely missed off from my ideas on ServiceDesk is how the new Comodo skin tries to keep the customers replies to a max box size and then uses a scroll bar to let you see the rest.

Personally I hate this and so does my team as you never get enough information on the screen, also this slows down loading the ticket by 50% and more…
So far I’ve been waiting over 4 minutes for a ticket to display due to this, where tickets without this (small replies) open in seconds.

Can we remove this over the top CSS / iFrame part that was added into the new skin.