[October] What's New on Comodo Client Security?

New Windows Features

Scan DLLs loaded by processes

  • Added new option, 'Monitor DLL files loaded by running processes', to ‘Advanced Protection’ > ‘Miscellaneous
Improved Windows Boot Protection
  • Comodo Client Security (CCS) now monitor untrusted DLLs & autoruns before the CCS service launches. This includes untrusted apps and unknown PE files which attempt to load via system vulnerabilities.
Scan from VDT session or via 'Windows Fax and Scan' application
  • Added list for application which allowed to access COM/DCOM unrestricted from containment and be a part of configuration.
Monitor Un-trusted DLLs & autoruns before CCS service launches
  • Added new option "Use direct connection if proxy is unreachable" the Proxy and Host settings.
Two-factor authentication added to Unknown File hunter (UFH)
  • After setting up 2FA in the portal, users will also be able login to UFH with the same system of Google Authenticator codes.
Vulnerability Fixes
  • Refactoring to resolve CVE-2019-14694
  • Contained applications are now prohibited from accessing power options
  • Unsigned DLLs can no longer load into Comodo Client Security processes. Supported on Windows 8+
  • Added ability to prevent contained processes reading the memory of other processes.
Bug Fixes
  • Full scan aborted - cavwp.exe crashes on Windows 10x64
  • Application crashes when it is started in Containment via right click
  • Virtual desktop prompt is split when 2 screens are connected
  • Unable to start browsers in containment
  • CCS does not start "Antivirus Update" operation by "COMODO Signature Update" scheduled task
  • AV scan doesn't log embedded code detected in autorun items correctly
  • Unable to print from IE 11 from VDT
Best Regards, Product Management Team

How is everyone finding the October Comodo Client Security update Is it working without issues?

Seems pretty stable on my personal machine but having a hard time pushing updates from the dashboard.

Does anyone else have feedback, there seem to be very few comments post-release.

I am unable to push the updates out to our endpoints from Endpoint Manager also.

Hello @DanielM ,

Thank you for your feedback. Can you please describe the issue(s) that you face in more detail? Is it that you can not upgrade Communication Client and/or Security Client to latest version? Or are you having trouble with getting Security Client antivirus database updates?

I have sent you a PM as well.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Best Regards,
Ilgaz Yucecengiz
Technical Product Manager
ITarian - Endpoint Manager

Hello ilgazy ,

I am having trouble updating the communication and security clients from Endpoint Manager. My first deployment was to a small group of IT users. I did this by selecting the 6 users and clicking Install or Update Packages and selecting both the clients and leaving the auto-reboot selected. The next day, those 6 users had the updated communication client but not the new security client.

Since then, I have tried to update one device at a time but get no result after sending the package. I check the MSI Installation State and see only the original Security Client installations. In previous versions, the update happened pretty quickly.

I see this morning that 57 of my devices have the updated Communication Client but only 16 have the updated Security Client.

@DanielM ,

We wish to review the settings you currently have with those devices. Support has opened a ticket with some attached images to review your set-up. Please check your forum registered email at your convenience.