[October] What's New on Endpoint Manager?

Endpoint Manager Core

New Features

Fallback connections for proxy servers

You can now tell CCC and CCS to use a direct internet connection if your proxy server is not reachable for any reason.

Two-factor authentication on standalone Endpoint Manager

Two-factor authentication has been an option on Comodo One and ITarian portals for some years now. With this release, we extend the feature to the standalone version of Endpoint Manager.

Endpoint Manager admins can now:

  • Force two-factor authentication for all Endpoint Manager users
  • Enable two-factor for themselves
  • View the status of two-factor authentication on all user accounts
  • Reset two-factor authentication if there are issues
Flag and remove options for old and duplicate devices

New device management options allow admins to:

  • Filter duplicate devices
  • Define a time period after which inactive and duplicate devices will be removed from Endpoint Manager
Support for iOS 13

Endpoint Manager now supports mobile devices running on iOS 13.

Change Passwords Manually

You can now manually reset an Endpoint Manager user account password. Admins can now specify, or auto-generate, a new password on behalf of users.


New Features

Shellcode injection moved to Miscellaneous tab

  • The shellcode injection option has been moved from the HIPS section of a Windows profile, to the ‘Miscellaneous Settings’ section. This was done for consistency with the Windows security client (CCS)/
‘Skipped’ status added to antivirus logs
  • Antivirus logs in the security dashboard now state ‘Skipped’ if a file was not scanned. The new description is more useful for troubleshooting purposes than the previous description of ‘Unknown’.
Ability to restore disabled services, autoruns and scheduled tasks
  • You can now view all disabled services, autoruns and scheduled tasks in the ‘Antivirus’ area of Endpoint Manager. Admins can re-enable these items on selected devices, or all devices.

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