Office 365 SMTP servers

We are trying to test this system but coming up with a major issue.

Most of our clients are on Office 365 and we scan emails before passing them off to MS.

The issue is that the routing menu for domains will not accept the MX path supplied by Microsoft meaning we cannot pass on as required.

for the moment we have this test system passing to our existing Mailcleaner system to then get to Office 365.

I too saw the same flaw, there is no place to add DNS/FQDN entires, only IP.

It’s an odd one…
Our MX for Office 365 should be “” and it says this is invalid, but if I shorten it to “” it likes it; but I don’t know if that will be allowed or not so have put in our other spam systems name of “”.

Maybe Comodo can explain why a certain MX addresses are not allowed / accepted?

Hi @StrobeTech

Thank you for this information.
We need to further investigate your case and we will get in touch with you
shortly via email.

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still no solution.
Was asked to try it as ipv6 which does work but logs then do not seem to work.

Major fixing needed here as this a dead product if basics like DNS dont work.

Hi @StrobeTech . The “Office 365 SMTP servers” concern is still being investigated by our Development Team. As soon as updates are available, we will communicate with you thru email. We understand the urgency of this case and we are hoping for your continued understanding and patience of this matter. Thank you.

No update from Comodo???

Hello @StrobeTech,

Apology for the delay, our developers advise to upgrade to the latest version/release and we are requesting to specify what needs to be updated hence we do not provide unclear information. Thank you

still the IPv4 address of “” cannot be used as a MX route by latest version

Hello @StrobeTech,

We appreciate for providing an update on this matter. We have informed the team that is handling this matter and requested to provide other ways of resolving the issue. Thank you and we will keep you posted on this case.

We have this working using the “IPv6 Hostname MX” option; I’m testing it again with this at present as last time we used this option mail flowed by no logs were produced.

Hello @StrobeTech,

We appreciate for sharing the result, we are looking forward to the result of your further test today. Thank you