Office 365 Support - feature request

Feature request/suggestion: Comodo ASG lacks proper Office 365 support, at least as far as outbound archiving is concerned. All of the major competitors in this space offer outbound mail archiving for O365, so I’d like to see the ASG dev team make this a priority because more and more customers are migrating out of hosted exchange into O365.

After some back and forth support apparently the issue is that O365 doesn’t support any way for their connectors to authenticate “the whole domain” when setting up outbound connectors, it can only be authenticated by IP address which isn’t ideal and probably not reliable since they have a large cluster of servers that likely changes/grows regularly.

Mailpiler (an open source mail archival system) supports using an archival email address to forward copies of all outbound email to (which works with O365) — perhaps support for this style could be written into ASG. The flow would work something like:

CASG sets up a unique email address for outbound archiving for each domain it services, something like - the idea of the biglongkey is to prevent spammers from sending junk into your archive, domain name in the email address is so CASG can sort it to your appropriate customer’s archive.

CASG receives emails from O365 or other copy source, and based on the “from” address sorts it into the appropriate user’s archive.

In theory this should be fairly simple.


Hello @indieserve

Thank you for the feedback on the ASG Service. We also received a Support ticket and we will forward this Feature Request to the team and keep you updated on that ticket.
Thank you again for pointing this to us.

I spoke with a Comodo sales engineer that said that Office 365 outbound archiving integration was on the roadmap for CASG for 2017. I assume this will be using the journaling method mentioned above. Just wondering if it will be Q1 2017 or if it will be later? I have a client that NEEDS both inbound/outbound archiving and is on O365 - he said he may be able to wait until Q1 2017 but if it’s going to be longer than that he wants me to investigate a different solution. Could you reach out to your dev team and let us know?

Hello @indieserve ,

As stated in the last reply to your ticket, we have asked for more information from the appropriate staff. We will reply to the existing ticket as soon as we have any new information regarding this case.