Offline after restart. Bug?

I have an annoying issue that seems consistent in my environment. I login to remote access and I see all my endpoints online, I will remote into a server or workstation and need to reboot it for one reason or another. The endpoint disconnects and it shows offline as it should because its rebooting, BUT it never comes back online it always just stays “offline” in the remote access console. It’s not actually offline I can ping it and RDC into if I wanted to. I once just left it for about 30mins one time checking to see if it will ever just come back to online status on its own but it never does. To get remote access to that particular endpoint again I have to close out of Remote access console on my end, reopen it and relogin and then the endpoint will show up as online, is this supposed to happen or is it a bug?

@vsb2211 ,

Do you have a network firewall? What version of the remote tool are you using?

I do have a network firewall. Remote tool version 6.30.29446.19090

@vsb2211 ,

If your account is hosted under, please refer to this helguide to review if some of our ports or IPs are somehow blocked by your network firewall. For hosted accounts, you can review this guide