most of my endpoints are offline, the PC’s have been rebooted, how can i fix the problem?

The ITSM tray icon says connection pending ?


Hi @dittoit,

We have taken note of the issue and we will continue monitoring this on our end. Would you be available for a remote session for us to resolve the issue quickly?

You can also check on window services then look for itsmrsp.exe, change to automatic delayed start, then start the service.


yes any time,

i pushed out the agent via GPO, all the 6 servers are still ok, a couple of the PC are ok, but 80% show offline. i have just downloaded the new agent 6.9 and replaced the GPO to remove 6.7 and install 6.9 will see tomorrow morning ans see if they come back.

Hi @dittoit

It appears that the ITSM is not communicating. Please check the ITSMRsp ITSM services if they are running on automatic start. Then check the status of the ITSM agent if it would reinitiate the connection to the server. To confirm that the service stayed on automatic startup type, restart the computer and double check.

Hi @Jimmy All the endpoints have been ok, its the update from 6.7 to 6.9 that looks like it breaks some. it looks like the GPO roll out of the 6.9 may have done the trick.
most are now showing.

Hi @dittoit ,

Good to hear that. Please let us know if you need anything else. Thank you.

I’ve found recently repairing the installation of CCC resolves issues, too.

Yes, i had one this morning, PC had been rebooted but ITSM was “pending” connection, had to force stop the ITSM service then start, now its reporting.
Is there a way to do this other than talking the users throught it?

Just rebooted this PC, same gain , not showing online, ITSM Pending.

We need to get this sorted guys, not good if i have to keep forcing the ITSM service to stop.

Hi @dittoit ,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience it caused, we will further investigate this issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible through email.

Hi @Jordan_C , we are also experiencing the same issue where the PCs would go offline for no reason. Either the reboot may bring them back online or restarting the service manually may resolve this issue. Due to this I still have to rely on my Team Viewer or LogMeIn (where it remains online all the time) to connect to it remotely.

Hi @pledgetech
We created a support ticket for your concern to help investigate the issue. Please do reply at your convenience.

Thank you.

Hi @dittoit ,

We have raised this concern to our product developers and we found out that the Service Control Manager seems to be timing out (30secs)

Any further news from the developers on this subject? I am experiencing the offline issue as well.

Thank you for your time.

Hi @Jawitt
Most of the reports we’ve received lately are endpoints misreported with an offline status in ITSM (or in the New CRC) but actually is available (can be remotely accessed using CRC, run procedures, etc.). Is this the case on your side? Or are the endpoints indeed truly offline (cannot be accessed with CRC)?

Also, did this scenario happen during those times that there was an access issue with the C1 platform?

@Jawitt ,

We have created a support ticket as well for your case to have it investigated. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Id like an update on this as well its been months now and the agents are still up and down all over the place.


Our developers tried to replicate this scenario on a reported issue similar to yours and so far they did not reproduce during the remote session and had confirmed that it was a “network connection caused” delay on the ITSMs interface showing random devices offline after a period of refresh. However, we have included your report and will get in touch with you for additional information needed to resolve your issue.

Just experiencing the Offline situation as well. While CRC is connected showing online, “All” devices are offline. Any idea how long this outage will last?

Hi @sferley ,

We are already aware of the issue and our developers are already working on finalizing the fix. No ETR yet. We will be creating a support ticket for you as well to keep you posted on the issue at hand. We will communicate with you shortly for additional details in aid of resolving this matter.