Offsite Cloud Backups

Hi Guys & Gals,

can I ask what costs you have set for File, SQL, Exchange cloud backups.

So cost to customer per GB if you please? or how do you price? and the cost to the business?

For Image based backups we are £65 up to 1TB “Standard” Offsite and £95 for 1TB of “Professional” Cloud Continuity per server. Discounts for multiple server.
Monitoring, support and daily virtual boot tests as standard.

Cheers James.

For the Acronis solution, but not through C1, we charge as follows:

Workstation Monthly
25GB 8.95
100 GB 15.00
250 GB 25.00
500 GB 45.00
1TB 70.00
Server Monthly
150 GB 35.00
500 GB 75.00
2 TB 170.00
5 TB 320.00

How does this compare with your pricing? @dittoit