OK, here goes, silly question about VPNs...

Firstly, I will apologise in advance for my ignorance…

A client who uses a VPN, sporadically throughout the workday, is suddenly finding that when they try to connect to the VPN, all of the office loses its internet connection. The only new thing is installation of comodo and the comodo AV product… Has anyone experienced this? I am not seeing a straight forward way of allowing access to the VPN through comodo… Any suggestions? Is it likely Comodo AV?

Interesting. I cannot see how a VPN should or can take down a whole network. Perhaps more info.

OS of VPN from and going to ? Router and firewalls in place?

I’d suggest to rule out Comodo, assuming this is a soft VPN client, remove CCS from the PC used and test the VPN connection.

You might confirm the network is down, or if it is only one of the services(e.g. DNS isn’t working).

Thank you for the suggestions, it turned out that it was an update.

MS Update?

Windows update broke the network stack on the pc. When the VPN disconnected the pc asked for a new IP address and then we had network conflicts and the dhcp server just shutdown