On Demand tech support

We currently have configured UltraVNC single click for instant support sessions for break-fix clients.
Could the RMM msi be used for this? Seems it could, but its kind of big for the job, weighing in at 23.7mb, versus our featherweight 508kb tool.
Do you have a “one click” type of product using your TightVNC, or any plans to modify the agent for this kind of use? I’m finding the speed is superior to Ultravnc.
We could make a quick connection for support with the lightweight tool, then load the RMM if we need to reboot or get back to the machine to do more work.

Hello @Rickkee

Unfortunately right now this is the only version of RMM that is available. I will forward this as a feature request.

Thank you for your feedback.

I personally use this software for my MSP and pay for Instant House Call for my remote Break/Fix option so my client can just goto my web site and click run and it was load the software quickly and allow me to connect and restart the machine, ect.

I second the single use option for break fix clients. Currently I use Comodo One for MSP and a program called Simple Help for break fix. Would love to see it all in one place here at Comodo.


This has been forwarded as a feature request.
Thank you for your feedback.