One.Comodo.Com site down - not resolving

Had to get up at 3:00 AM to get some work done before workers get to the office and the is not resolving.
Help… where is the backup / emergency access portal so I can at least RMM?

Well, 3:40 AM, two pots of coffee and the system is back up. Thanks to the bit-gods I can save my job.

CRC logging me out, unable to login. @Jay @melih @Ilker

Hi @Rickkee and @dittoit there was a problem in the DNS Resolution, making the access to C1 environment not to function. Our development team are already looking into the issue to avoid further inconveniences.

Also I cannot ping !!!

There was, sounds like its fixed?? I still cannot access.
{“timestamp”:1523433171421,“status”:401,“error”:“Unauthorized”,“message”:“Full authentication is required to access this resource”,“path”:"/"}

Back in. :slight_smile:

DNS problem has been a problem with ComodoOne for years. It has been a problem once or twice a month it seems. Last month I was onsite at a client to install agents in the middle of the afternoon with the CEO looking over my shoulder and was quite embarrasing after I extolled the virtues of using our company and software platform to manage their IT. Last month it was out for hours, luckily I have a SplashTop RMM account and installed it, then had to double back and install Comodo. “Get your game on Team Comodo” !

Comodo - If this is correct, why has DNS been an issue for years?