One of my biggest concerns about using Itarian and others

I recommend to check out @melih’s comments about it here:

Seen that already.
Does not change a thing.
This is what so many of us are afraid off.

Please dont read my post as I think Itarian isnt doing a good job, its just a reminder for all of us the security risk of using RMM.

You are right, the problem is “Security can never be 100%”! Everything valuable will be under attack, guaranteed. A healthy concern is very useful as it help us to maintain a good security posture. As an MSP, your responsibility is getting more important every day. You can look at it as:
1)Too much can’t handle
2)See it as an opportunity and start providing “Cybersecurity as a billable service”.

Has any of your customers suffered from this attack? I mean how well has you has your Comodo system managed to protect the clients?

Comodo makes its stats public.

So far Zero Infection!

Comodo’s security product works with a different methodology than everyone else out there.