One Year FREE Help Desk Support from Comodo!!!

Hi everyone,

I want to offer our new service (one year free of charge) to anyone who is looking to

  • Increase their business efficiency by outstaffing Level 1, Level 2 issues like troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Provide 24/7 support to their customers or simply
    • cover after hours
    • cover weekends
  • Scale their business quicker without making permanent commitments
Comodo’s 24/7 Help Desk gives MSPs the power to surpass client expectations and delivers superior service. It eliminates the need to hire additional employees and allows the MSP to scale quickly, manage more efficiently, and grow their business without limits. Comodo takes over the troubleshooting, set-up, tune up and maintenance so you and your team can focus on higher level projects.

Our certified technicians are fully trained to handle the majority of Level 1 and 2 support requests and are regularly trained and monitored for quality in order to keep performance and efficiency optimal. They are led by experienced managers and team leads that help guarantee the most optimal service and consistency.

Using our Service Desk (ticketing system), Comodo is able to provide an extension to your organization by acting as part of your staff. Users can contact us 24/7. Comodo Help Desk allows for you and your team to relax and enjoy your after hours and weekends while simultaneously increasing revenue and providing a stronger service.

We can help you with

  • Virus & malware removal
  • Desktop performance optimization
  • PC and peripheral tune up/troubleshoot
  • Printer and peripheral setup/troubleshoot
  • User administration
  • ISP problems troubleshoot
  • E-mail and browser setup/troubleshoot
  • Application setup/troubleshoot (e.g. MS Office, client application)
  • Shared drive setup
  • Software installation / uninstallation / updates
  • Assistance with backup (local & cloud) and recovery
  • Escalate any further predefined issues (like hardware) to your teams based on your rules
and more....

If you are interested, please email us on C1MSPHelpDesk(at)

Best regards,

This has the potential to be a game changer, I was looking at Continuum and others but for a small MSP they work out very expensive.

great to hear!
Our only focus is for you to be successful on C1 platform!

One major requirement for me would be that the staff would have to speak very good English, is this the case with the staff?? Seems most people I talk to from comodo staff has a strong foreign accent.

@BOSS , I strongly disagree. I’ve spoken to staff in the Philippines and Romania and 99% of the time there is no issue with the accent/language.

I have emailed requesting more information. This may be of interest to us.


What is the cost projected to be after year 1?

we really haven’t thought it thru…we really are not looking at this as as a huge profit center, more like a really cost effective capability to help our MSP partners. Of course this has a cost, which we will try to minimize. But would love to hear from you about what numbers we should aim to hit in terms price pls.

Interesting plan, does allow smaller MSPs to grow and scale when needed.

Totally the intention. Even for medium sized MSPs it creates economies and enables capabilities otherwise would be too costly (after hours etc)…

To add to what you said, a US based HelpDesk is a MAJOR plus. 99% of the time when a MSP says they have a help desk, where is it located is the next question. It doesn’t matter how well they speak English in the Philippines and Romania, if it’s not US based it’s an immediate turn off, and customers are reluctant.

Totally agree with this, we get a lot of customers that we sell SaaS products to who ask for EN or US hosted and speaking support

Also agree with this 10000%

I have found this to be a mostly North American issue… Many other clients are more concerned that the English is fluent and clearly understandable… Do remember that even for non-US native English speakers the US accent is not always clearly understandable (and in some cases ridiculously unclear - having to ask them to speak slower and repeat to get through the sometimes thick accent and non-standard English dialects), especially depending on which state the US speaker is from. It’s not meant to be a criticism but simply to point out that it simply comes down to user preference, openness, culture and tolerance, and that applies true for all languages (e.g. for Spanish - Latin American Spanish vs Spain Spanish).

What is the turnaround/timeframe to get a response from this team? Normally when I e-mail any Comodo team I get a response at the very least within 24 hours (though sometimes I hear back same-day, though it is not an expectation, just a hope now and then). I have e-mailed the helpdesk team expressing my interest on Jan 1st 2018 (3 days ago) and have not heard back. I also did not get an auto-reply with a ticket number like I normally do with Comodo support e-mails. That is how I know you got my e-mail and will be attending it and gives me a tracking number. I can also access it with all my other tickets from the Comodo Support desk.This is a bit disconcerting to me. Can you please assist?

Hello @navcom ,

Thank you for your feedback.
We will coordinate to the proper department to further investigate the issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible
for any information we can get.

Kind Regards,

I would like this info too as so far our experience is 11 months

@navcom @StrobeTech ,

If you’re trying to get in touch with C1/ITSM Support, these are the numbers to call:

For Enterprise customers: 1-973-396-1235 (US) Toll-Free
For MSP customers: 1-973-396-1232 (US) Toll-Free

To be more accurate an email can be sent to Please provide details of the issue that you want to report and we will as much as possible patch you through the right department.

Thank you, but I was trying to reach the folks that are offering the free 1 year of help desk services to clients for C1 users. I e-mailed originally and was redirected to They eventually got ahold of me but there is no ticket number auto-reply like with other Comodo e–mails and it took them longer.