Online Manual Defintions and Functions of AEP?

Hello, We are a Comodo One user and recently deployed AEP to some end points. Is there an online manual or location that can provide definition of some of the functions and more importantly the “status” we see from within the security dashboards? I ask because I see the status of “deleted” (under application control) yet the file runs/functions just fine on the end point. Also about the file in question, “intial comodo rating” was unknown, then the “Current Comodo Rating” is Trusted.

Thank you.

Hi @ktaylor ,

“Deleted” status under the component of “Application Control” is an action when existing unrecognized and malicious files was removed because the file was already rated as trusted or removed from the machine itself. The record will be removed from the back end that’s why there is a “Delete Items” event from the security dashboard. You may also want to learn more about the “Application Control” from our help guide:

Initial Comodo Rating - The trust rating awarded by Comodo File Look-up Service (FLS) to the file before the event, .


Current Comodo Rating: The present trust rating of the file as per the Comodo FLS.

Please check our help guide: