Online/Offline Alerts

I am trying to accomplish one of the most basic RMM tasks…I want to be notified via an alert when a server goes offline. I also want to be alerted when it comes back online. Has anyone else been successful with this? The script from the procedure library worked maybe once and then never again. I even tried using the online offline built in monitor and even that doesn’t work. Comodo looked at it and now wants the logs. Comodo is a great tool but I’m getting a little frustrated with so many scripts not working.

Hi @jmock
Since there is already an existing support ticket for your concern, details about it will be discussed further in the ticket (especially with the requested logs). For now, we will let the other MSPs share their experiences and thoughts about how Procedures work in ITSM.

Hai @jmock ,

The script solution will not work for online/offline alert as it depends on ITSM agent network connectivity and we have also removed the online/offline scripts from script library.
Thank You