Online/Offline Monitoring Alerts Triggering All Morning

All morning my online/offline performance monitor has been triggering alerts on every single device I have it applied to. Is something going on with the system? They are all false positives.

I think the release was supposed to be this morning, so it must be something with the release that caused it. Mine was doing the same thing.

I suppose that isn’t the worst thing to happen, but I had to turn my monitoring off because it was blowing up. I’ve had too many problems with monitoring recently and am not confident it will provide the oversight I need to deliver quality service.

@RayBTWIT is correct about the C1 platform update that occurred earlier today (~1am to 5am Eastern). Please do check @bigblock the timestamp of the alerts that you received earlier if these fell within the update period or not. Any alerts that fell within the mentioned time period are pretty much harmless. If you believe you received an alert of something very unusual within the C1 platform, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at and we will address it accordingly.

@bigblock @Rick_C

Mine was outside of that time window. Mine started at about 12:20 EST and went off and on until 9:40 EST. So definitely outside the window.

Agreed it is not the worst problem that could happen, but definitely false alerts are not a good thing. I spent a bit of time this morning trying to find out what was wrong before I remembered about the release and this it was probably from it. Not having confidence in monitoring/alerting is definitely a very big deal.

@Rick_C , before I turned off the monitoring, my last one was timestamped Sat Nov 18 14:49:13 2017 GMT+0. That doesn’t look right because I’m EST -5:00 and it came through at 10:05 am EST. Regardless, I’ll turn it back on this afternoon and if it’s done, I’m ok.

Is there a way to make the alert timestamps come through at EST -5:00?

Hi @bigblock
Do check the guide to setting up the Administrator’s time zone.