Only Python?


i read that there are only python scripts possible with commodo one, is that right? If yes… why is there no powershell support? I’m not wanting to learn Python :confused:

Hi @CaptainCommodoreOne
Actually you can send us a request and we will write the script for you for free on this link…r-you-for-free.

We also have procedures that you can run to execute Powershell commands on these links…nds-via-python and…l-script-files

hmm well that’s “okay” a native way to execute powershell scripts without python would still be better.


First of all I love the name and avatar :slight_smile: thank you for joining and having some fun with us (both on the forum and on Comodo ONE).

And yes, agree with you. We have in mind to provide native access for at least cmd and “Powershell” in the future.