Only supported 3rd party apps are available to be monitored for updates

I continue to struggle with the patch management tool within this product. Not long ago I had numerous lists of 3rd party apps within the patch management tool. In a recent update they remove the “supported” apps from the list of supported 3rd party apps:
EM Supported 3rd Party Applications, Devices Management| Comodo Endpoint Manager
One app that we use is the SonicWall NetExtender, in the past, this app would appear in the 3rd party section of the patch management took, recently I discovered that it was no longer listed. (Nore does Google Chrome).
Today I opened a ticket with Comodo One, and p[provided all the information I could along with a log collection they had me run on one machine to collect debug logs.
Here was my initial question to them:
“Chrome seems to be consistently out of date and Comodo one is not discovering it as a third-party app to notify when it needs updating so we can deploy the patch. Can you explain?”

After a couple of hours of emailing back and forth and two remote control sessions, the support agent could not figure out what the issues were, so he had me collect logs and send them to support. After about another hour I got this response:
"Based on our review of the issue, Software inventory is collected successfully. 49 items were found and reported to the backend. You can see all them on Device List -> [open device] -> Software inventory

Tab Patch Management -> Third party Applications and related tab in Applications -> Patch Management -> Third Party Applications contain only upgradable (supported) applications and if there is a version to which existing version can be updated."

I have this issue with many third-party apps, and my security management tool identifies these but the only way I am able to update this is to manually go to each effected machine and perform a manual update. I do not quite understand the usefulness of a patch management too that cant patch 3rd party apps, or to have Comodo dictate what THEY consider to be a 3rd party app to them. Google Chrome and Sonicwall are all very well-known apps in the industry.