Open Source EDR - OpenEDR

Open Source EDR for free
You can use the cloud hosted version on the Xcitium platform for unlimited endpoints (comes with 3 day storage for free.)
You can watch the onboarding video here.

Of course if you want to run it with your own ELK …you can set it all up with whatever storage you want locally.

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I gather this is NOT available for Itarian platform only for the “other” company Xcitium ?

Why bother posting on the Itarian Forum if we do not have what’s linked in the video.
You need seperate forums I suggest.
The recent billing changes and the messed up portal swaps, profiles method of charging was bad enough, now post a free product we (that are still here) at Itarian cannot install?


Excitium Video link page example


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working on a solution…maybe a menu item with an SSO where from Itarian menu you can click to launch the Xcitium platform and apply all security related things on the Xcitium platform etc etc…
(that could be a quick solution)…this way you are not deploying two platforms …using one platform and to manage security you have to click to go to xcitium UI etc…

Logging into the xcitium platform I found all my clients and their endpoints there so it is practically the same of itarian platform puls the benefits of a nice the horizontal organization of the menus and the dashboard that included the edr indicators. I really like the new layout but to avoid all this confusion wouldn’t it be better to merge all platforms in just one with unnder xcitium name?

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its two different companies doing two different things, with some common components…
Xcitium is a Cybersecurity platform
Itarian is a IT Management and Process Automation/Optimization platform that has a market place for companies like Xcitium. This market place will allow integration and notification to be shared with its partners who integrate into Itarian.

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My platform is Xcitium, but I cannot add the EDR feature to any of my endpoints. I have made sure to check the latest Communication Client version 7.3. So, I tried to log in at open edr .com, and it prompts me for a 2FA code but apparently I do not have 2FA setup to send me an SMS or Auth app, so I cannot log in there either. I do have 2FA setup for my Xcitium log in. Not sure what to do here to test EDR???

Sorry for late response…The issue was resolved. Thank you @melih! The support team contacted me immediately, found the problem on their end, fixed it, and then I was able to access EDR features and console. GREAT WORK TEAM!


Q. Is the EDR available for Itarian clients with paid xcs subscriptions, or is it another add-on requiring another license?

I click on the EDR installer in the “Install or Manage” tab

and click to get redirected to this

Can I guess it’s free on the other platform, but not on the Itarian platform?

The endpoint is a paid XCS subscription.


Hi @mcfproservices

Currently EDR is free as part of the Xcitium MSSP Platform when you enable devices to be managed.

We are also looking to bring this to ITarian as a separate product so you can use and manage EDR information yourselves as well. When we do this the product will have an additional subscription / cost.

Dear Xcitium / Itarian team,

I hope you don’t mind me bumping this topic, but I run into an issue regarding OpenEDR.
So I started with an account at Itarian to test the product. I noticed Xcitium provides security solutions, like OpenEDR. I wanted to create an account there, but it seems my Itarian account is linked to Xcitium. When I try to login at Xcitium Enterprise Platform it shows this message “This portal does not support your zone. Please click here to change zone”. This redirects me to Xcitium Enterprise Platform where I cannot use the ‘free’ OpenEDR. Could you help me solve this issue?

please open a ticket to , they will need your account detail to resolve this issue