OpenEDR license

Last night I received the following mail:

I tried to login via the link and got:

And when trying to install the client I get:

So my question is:
How ‘free’ is the license?
And for how long will it be ‘free’?

And can you explain how I can solve above messages?



Do you have paid AEP licenses?
We give openEDR free for paid AEP licenses

Hi @ozermetin,
Yes, I do have paid licenses for AEP: ‘Advanced Endpoint Protection Premium Edition’
But I still can not install the EDR package. (Just tested again.)

I’d like to report the same issue on my account. I have paid AEP licenses but also get the same message when choosing EDR.

Any updates regarding this issue?

It’s very quiet here on the forum regarding updates, progressions, releases.
Still no updates about the OpenEDR licenses?

we just launched its a whole new platform for MSPs/MSSPs/ISPs/Telecom Providers/Any service provider to offer Cybersecurity as a billable service.
We are investing heavily in SOCaaP being “The Platform” for our partners.
OpenEDR will be integrated into SOCaaP (should be done by summer, (fingers crossed)).
We have a lot more capabilities on top of OpenEDR coming to SOCaaP! The prices are ridiculously cheap, capabilities are awesomely amazing! Licensing model is pay per use and pay at the end of each month…no upfront payment.
I would strongly recommend start playing with SOCaaP (it has full blown SIEM in it natively built, cloud based) and work with us as we expand its functionality.


Hi @Melih,

Thanks for the info.
Yes, I’m aware of the newly implemented platform.
I’m not familiar with the SOCaaP fnctionalies and am trying to work with the Itarian platform as it is now.

Frankly, I have to try to work around a lot of missing or un-userfriendly implemented functions on the actual platform, so to be really honest I’m not eager to try another platform which sounds more complex.

I only hope that the resources and focus won’t be shifted to the new platform and leave us a bit left behind.

Last month I was bombarded with email abouth the OpenEDR funcionality for Itarian but still could not implement and test it.

Can you check why I, and others like @eztech, can’t install the client?

Thanks in advance.

OpenEDR is an open source project.
SOCaaP is an easy to use platform.
Its pretty easy to deploy and use SOCaaP very quickly.

Hi @melih,

That can be so, and I understand you recommend to sell the new platform.

But I hope you can understand my point of view:
There are still a lot of missing and badly implemented features on this Itarian platform and hopefully they will be improved and implemented. (Like mobile client. Was promissed for over 3 years)
I’m not willing to change platform and dive into a new project.
I only want the support for, and that the Itarian platform will improve.

So, can we get on topic? Can you tell me why and when the OpenEDR client is available for the payed clients?

I understand.
OpenEDR is an open source product and is available now to everyone (has been available for sometime) at . You can build your own ELK solution to work with it.

Hi @melih,

Thanks for your understandings.
But to clarify a bit more: I don’t want to build my own solution. I only want to install your OpenEDR client, but I can’t.

See openings post: I can select the following clients to install on a device: ‘Comodo Client - Security’ and the newly introduced ‘Install Comodo Client - EDR’

The last is your own implemented client which was introduced to us a few weeks ago via email.

It was mentioned that it’s available for all payed licenses but I get a license error when selecting this option:

Can this be corrected?

Thanks in advance.

Nothing to be corrected.

OpenEDR capability is available with Comodo Dragon Enterprise platform.
What you are showing in your screenshot is the old cybersecurity module that doesn’t have OpenEDR.

You can simply login (using your existing credentials) to Comodo Dragon Enterprise platform to take advantage of OpenEDR there.

Alternatively you can use SOCaaP (built for service providers that includes SIEM and much more) (again no cost if you already have licenses) and OpenEDR will be integrated into SOCaaP soon.

I get it. Sorry. All the crossed-named platform names.

So the EDR client is another, not free client…

And the OpenEDR is available on your new platform, when you have payed AEP licenses.

I thought we also had the option because of ​@ozermetin
's answer:
“Do you have paid AEP licenses?
We give openEDR free for paid AEP licenses”

and the title:

I agree it could cause slightly confusion, apologies for that.

You can ping me directly if you wish, so that I can get you setup properly with either Comodo Dragon Enterprise or SOCaaP Platform…

Hi @melih,

I’m now trying to log in on the other platform but have problems:
When logging (with the same username) I get the 2FA screen abd afterthat I get directed to the normal Itarian console.
So I tried logging in from another computer with another browser, and I am directed to after logging in. (my reseller acount page)

Maybe I can direct my first questions in the correct subforum?

But do you have to use unique emailaddresses for the different platforms?

Hi Ailan,

Let me briefly list down what options you can use

1 - OpenEDR with Opensource build:
You can download the agent there, using your Itarian platform , you can push it to your endpoints via Custom MSI package , But it will report to local file so you need to install FileBeat and ElasticSearch to analyze the telemetry.

2 - You can create another account on Dragon Enterprise : there we are giving OpenEDR agent with our cloud collectors and analyzing platform 7 day log retention, combined with AEP events. There you can not use Itarian account

3- As Melih said, we have launched SOCaaP in Itarian, it is going to be enabled for all existing Itarian accounts this week and EDR will be part of it in Q2, you can continue there with your existing Itarian account.

Hi @ozermetin,

Thanks for the brief options.
A bit of introduction info was lacking.

Option 3: “It is going to be enabled for all existing Itarian accounts”. Does this mean that the Itarian accounts will be migrated to the new platform or are these still 2 different platforms, accessible via the same login?

No you dont have to do anything, it will appear on application Menu: you can check our recent video about SOCaaP :

Hi @ozermetin,

Thanks,. I checked the video and it looks nice. Most features of Itarian but more detailed logs.
I will wait till the activation and check the features.

In the video it says: (at 2:04) “…max protection…” and “without settings and misconfigurations”.
Can you provide video’s with the enabled protection against windows devices where malware and ransomware are triggered?