Opening Link in New Tab

Within the platform I spend most of my time in Endpoint Manager. Currently, any time I open a link in a new tab I am faced with a login screen that my credentials do not work on. Is anyone else have this issue or any suggestions to prevent this? If I want to open multiple endpoints at once I must either duplicate my current page and then click the links one by one on each duplicate page, or go from one device to another one at a time. I cant right click and “open in new tab”. Below is a screenshot of what I get.

Itarian Support was able to help me find this issue was caused by certain security settings in Firefox browser blocking cookies. Minor adjustment to settings and the SSO is now working properly.

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i am really very happy that you fixed your solution and i hope you will tell us about SSO that how it fix thank you so much for feedback in advanced
good luck for your work….